Virobel Wealth provides an Independent Wealth Management Platform for Private Bankers and Client Advisers with an open architecture platform coupled with technology. Due to digitization and the increasing density of legal standards, the requirements for independent asset managers have increased significantly in recent years. This trend has intensified with FIDLEG and FINIG, which came into effect on January 1st, 2020. The customer needs which are at the center of our work have become more diverse and customers have become more demanding in general. All of these developments require considerable investments in the expansion of control, documentation in order to enable independent asset managers to continue operating successfully and in accordance with legal standards. In addition, the steadily growing regulatory and administrative tasks tie up valuable human and time resources, which means that fewer resources are available for the actual core business of the asset manager, the comprehensive customer care. We would like to speak with interested parties seeking to join our platform and learn more about the opportunity.

Your Key To Independence

Work more efficiently and focus on your client relationships. The way it should be. Freedom to work with any Custodians, products and services that are appropriate for your client. The beauty of independence is we are not tied to anyone and serve one relationship: Client.

How Does It Work

You can focus on investment, client relationship, functional responsibilities. A strong administration team is in place to help perform your compliance, operations and administration, allowing you to focus on financial markets while paying particular attention to your client needs. The remuneration policy is directly linked to each Relationship Manager business revenues and takes no bearing on the results of the company as a whole.

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